Nigeria 7th most stricken African country hit by coronavirus

Nigeria is now the 7th most stricken African country by the rampaging invisible coronavirus.

This followed the early Wednesday release that put the national total at 1,532 cases.

Egypt tops the list with 5,042 cases, followed by South Africa, with 4,996.

North African countries, Morocco and Algeria are next with 4,252 and 3,649 cases.

Cameroon, Nigeria’s neighbour is fifth with 1,806 cases, while Ghana has 1,671 cases to place sixth.

Making up the remaining slots of 10 most afflicted African countries are Guinea, Ivory Coast and the small nation of Djibouti.

Guinea has 1,240 confirmed cases, Ivory Coast 1,183 and Djibouti 1,072.

In terms of recoveries, South Africa leads with almost 50 percent of its confirmed cases.

Out of 4,996 cases, 2,073 have recovered and 93 died.

In contrast, Egypt has 1, 304 recoveries out of 5,042 cases.

But the country also recorded 359 deaths, the second highest after Algeria’s 437.

Despite the high death toll, Algeria recorded a recovery rate of near 50 percent.

According to the on Wednesday, 1,650 COVID-19 patients recovered out of Algeria’s 3,649.

Morocco, which is the third most hit African country has the poorest record of recovery of the top 10.

It was 778 out of a national total of 4,252. The death toll was 165, with 3,309 listed as active.

Here are the death and recovery figures for the other six countries:

Cameroon: 59 deaths, 915 recovered

Ghana : 16 deaths, 188 recovered

Nigeria: 44 deaths, 255 recovered

Guinea: 7 deaths, 269 recovered

Ivory Coast: 14 deaths, 525 recovered

Djibouti: 2 deaths, 498 recovered.


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