As Umunneochi Stood Still for Alex Otti and APG

The smiles on the faces of men and women at the Ngodo Isuochi market square and those of passersby, the waving of hands at the convoy of Dr. Otti and the repeated shouts ofAs Umunneochi Stood Still for Alex Otti and APGA Otti Nwere weight would no doubt tell anyone around that we were in a friendly territory, but those positive reactions from the people weren’t enough to reveal what the people had in store for Dr. Alex Otti and his APGA team as they zoomed into Umunneochi to commission the new APGA LGA office.

After barricading Otti’s official car amid songs of solidarity, they excitedly led him and his team to the venue of the commissioning.

As Otti spoke to the people of Umunneochi, it was Obvious that the people were so committed to having this quintessential Abia son as their governor, but the only two things they wanted to hear from him were, one, that Dr. Otti would be offering himself for the governorship election come 2019, and two, that the votes that would be cast for him and APGA would be protected to the point of his declaration as governor.

Of course, Dr. Otti didn’t come to Umunneochi to campaign or mobilize that day, but he spoke courage and hope in the people of Umunneochi that by the time the commissioning was over, the people headed back to their various homes with great sense of satisfaction.

The number of illustrious sons of Umunneochi who wanted to host Otti in their beautiful houses were many, he yielded to few requests because of some of his supporters that would be going back to far places.
The love was too much, the love was original, the love was emotional, it’s the type that makes a revolution possible.

From the venue of the commissioning straight to the house of the brave and quintessential former senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Late Distinguished Senator Uche Chukwumerije (DIKEOGU).

As Otti and his team drove into the very expansive compound of the Late Senator, we realized that we were in for something very superb but unexpected.

Dr. Otti and some members of his entourage were led to the grave side of the Late Senator by his son, Chaka, where prayers were offered in his honor.

Dr. Otti and his team were led back to the waiting and hospitable hands of hundreds of members of the very powerful Dike Ogu Structure.
In the Dike Ogu Structure, which was Senator Chukwumerije’s political structure which his son Chaka has carefully and courageously sustained and continued to expand successfully, you see men with courage, you see men with commitment and you see men with the capacity to herald an Abia of our collective dream.

Having learned the trade under the tutelage of his very intelligent and brave father, Chaka proved his mettle in leadership, mobilization and organization of the structure which is one of the most effective, active, focused, fearless and people oriented political structures in Abia state.

Chaka Chukwumerije was bluntly truthful, fearlessly unapologetic, and courageously confident and convinced that Dr. Alex Otti is the only capable hand available now to steer the ship of Abia’s socio-political and economic renaissance to a deserving point.

In keeping to the directive of his father from his hospital bed before his exit that he Chaka and the entire Dike Ogu structure should align and commitedly work with Dr. Otti, Chaka Chukwumerije restated his commitment and that of Dike Ogu Structure to effectively support and fearlessly fight the battle with Dr. Otti until the battle is won.
Chaka ensured Dr. Otti was handed a seat which symbolizes seat of power to, which attracted a very loud ovation and applause.

The unprecedented crowd of members of Dike Ogu structure that completely emptied Umunneochi that day, and the passion and it’s family kind of modus operandi shows that Umunneochi people want a new lease of life under a visionary leadership, and in Dr. Alex Otti OFR, they have found a very capable hand that can re-write our history for the better.

Just like Chaka Chukwumerije sounded it to the excitement and applause of his people that Dike Ogu Structure and indeed Umunneochi people are interested in only one man to salvage Abia state, and that man is Dr. Alex Otti OFR.

Indeed, Umunneochi is committedly, courageously, passionately and inseparably Ottified, and can only get better.
Join the league of the progressives and be part of history.