Pretty, Curvy Corper Raises Alarm As Director Allegedly Pressures Her For S*x

A pretty serving youth corper, Medlin Chisom has complained about her boss at her Place of Primary Assignment who is s*xually harassing her.

According to her, she has been frequently queried for looking good in her working place.

She took to Facebook to share her grievances as she is under pressure to bow to the man’s demands which she fears could destroy her image if the story leaks.

“This is Nigeria, where you report you are s*xually harassed in your office and you get queried for being cute, having a big ass and not cooperating and prayerful.

Since no-one is willing to help, you decide to cooperate and it leaks, yabaleft, facebook know-hows and instagram term you a cheap slay queen” she said.

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